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KPMG's Network of Women (KNOW)

Constituting nearly half of KPMG's new hires, women represent an enormous part of KPMG's talent pool. KPMG's Network of Women (KNOW) has been helping foster women's networking, mentoring, and leadership opportunity in nearly half of KPMG's offices.

Further expansion is planned in the years ahead. KNOW has held meetings and seminars on topics like work/life and alternative work arrangements (AWAs) and more than 8,500 partners and employees have attended these events.

The mission of KNOW is:

  • To create a women's network, which encourages involvement and provides support for the betterment of all
  • To help to enrich the experience of women at KPMG by fostering personal and professional growth

The objectives of KNOW are to:

  • Help drive the firm's Employer of Choice goal
  • Recognize and celebrate the contributions and successes of our women
  • Increase networking opportunities for women
  • Develop mentoring relationships
  • Highlight career and professional development opportunities
  • Provide a forum for women and men to share experiences and support each other in personal and professional pursuits
  • Enhance competitive position and client outreach




Women's initiatives

Women's initiatives

KPMG recognizes the importance of diversity and the value that women and their perspectives bring to our organization. Women's Initiatives at KPMG focuses on a practical and sustainable approach to educating and advancing women in the workplace.