Message from our Chairman

John Veihmeyer on Leadership @ KPMG

I've always believed one of the real differentiators about a career in public accounting, and in particular, a career at KPMG, is that from very early in your career, you have an opportunity to lead other people. You have an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in the way you serve and interact with your client. And it's something that we are very serious about. We talk here about a high performance culture. And a part of being a high performance organization is creating an environment where all of our people feel like their personal development — on a whole host of dimensions - all of which add up to how you develop as a leader, are critical. You need to take responsibility for your career and we need to create an environment that's conducive to your developing those tools and those skills to help you be a successful leader as you develop. My experience has been that the type of leader you are twenty years, thirty years into your career is really the sum of all of your experiences over the course of your career. So the more teams you're part of, the more people you have an opportunity to work with, the more clients you get to see...that's the way you develop leadership skills and it's something we talk a lot about because important to us that all of our people feel like leaders. We don't view our leaders at KPMG as just that small group of individuals who are charged with leading practices or leading sectors in our firm. Almost all of our twenty-two thousand people, I believe, think of themselves as leaders. As the chairman and CEO, I certainly view all twenty-two thousand of our people as leaders. And more importantly, I expect each of them to have a mindset of the leader as they approach how they go into the marketplace representing KPMG every day.