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Applying for the program.THANKS KPMG!

This very well could be the best opportunity to give your career an international start!

Online Application

Once you accept your KPMG internship offer, you can apply for the Global Internship Program. Whether you're planning to work in audit, tax, or advisory, we offer GIP positions in all practices. You can expect to receive the online application about four months before your internship.

We need a little more information about you, including international exposure, language skills, experience in multicultural settings, and most importantly, where you want to go. You'll also need to submit a resume and respond to a few short-answer questions. Language testing may be required for certain host countries.

Phone Interview

Once all applications have been reviewed, and if you've been picked as a finalist, you'll have a phone interview with our selection team. This interview helps us match the right intern with each global assignment.

Yes, this is a competitive process. It's tough for us too. KPMG only hires the most talented students around the country. Isn't that why you joined us? If you're really serious about a global career, you can make it happen at KPMG.

Want the scoop about the process from people who made it through? Some of the global interns share their application experience in the "Where in the World" section.