Community Involvement

KPMG's people across the U.S. volunteer for and manage community involvement programs that give life to our core value—We are committed to our communities—and reflect the personal and charitable interests of partners and employees in their local communities. KPMG is proud to have been the first in our profession to offer a national volunteer time release program, and that our partners and employees give hundreds of hours of their own time to help enhance the lives of others.

  • Volunteerism @ KPMG

    Hear from Kathy Hannan, National Managing Partner, Diversity and Corporate Responsibility, as she shares the importance of volunteerism from KPMG employees.

  • Building the Future Workforce

    KPMG's Family for Literacy

    Our main focus is youth and education and sustaining our communities through workforce readiness. We view this as a long-term strategic investment that addresses an essential societal need, and fills the talent pipeline with leaders who will be uniquely prepared to embrace the challenges of a global marketplace.

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  • Community Giving Campaign

    Community Giving Campaign

    Through the Community Giving Campaign, you can make secure and confidential contributions to charities of your choice.

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  • Involve


    Involve, KPMG's national corporate citizenship program, provides resources and support that empower and enable partners and employees to demonstrate the firm's core value of giving back to the community. By serving our communities, we create sustainable value for the organizations served, help maximize employee engagement, and leverage our talents through skills-based volunteering. Although national in scope, Involve is managed at the local-office level by our employees and partners.

  • Volunteer Time Release (VTR)

    Volunteer Time Release (VTR)

    In an effort to compliment your dedication and sustain our value, "we are committed to our communities" KPMG launched the Volunteer Time Release (VTR) program, which enables eligible employees to volunteer at least one hour per month—up to a maximum of 12 hours per fiscal year—during KPMG's normal business hours. The VTR program is in addition to and not in lieu of KPMG's other programs supporting community involvement and volunteerism that are offered through Involve and other local initiatives, some of which may take place on the weekend or after business hours. Company paid volunteer time is becoming a more standard practice with companies that are considered Best Places to Work, strong corporate citizens and employers of choice. KPMG was thrilled to be the first among the Big Four to offer a national volunteer time release program.

    In FY12, partner and employees volunteered more than 105,000 hours of time—nearly 35,000 hours were through paid Volunteer Time Release and an additional 70,000 hours were donated through other volunteerism, community, and fundraising events.

  • KPMG Disaster Relief Fund

    KPMG Disaster Relief Fund

    The KPMG Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) was created in 1992 to enable KPMG's partners and employees to channel donations to help employees who suffered loss during Hurricane Andrew. It has since expanded its mission twice, first following the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks, and again in 2004 following the tsunami that devastated the Far East. Through the generous contributions of the partners and employees of KPMG LLP and the member firms of KPMG International, the DRF has raised and distributed more than $4.8 million to help those in need.

  • KPMG Foundation

    KPMG Foundation

    The KPMG Foundation was established to further the firm's commitment to excellence in business, academic distinction, and diversity. This includes multifaceted involvement with the academic community, such as The PhD Projectsm and our Matching Gift Program, as well as national philanthropic efforts.

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  • Global Community Involvement

    Global Community Involvement

    KPMG's core values are the same around the world, and that as global citizens, the member firms of KPMG International remain committed to the sustainability of communities everywhere.

    Visit the Global Corporate Citizenship website.