Sample interview questions

Sample interview questions

A good interview with thought-provoking and reflective interview questions allow both the interviewer and the candidate to get the information they need to make a good employment decision.

Take some time to go over these sample questions and have a friend ask the questions so you can practice answering:

  • How effectively do you balance your course load at school with any jobs or extracurricular activities?
  • Describe the most challenging situation you've had to deal with and the ways you dealt with it.
  • Describe a situation where you have thought of a new or creative way of dealing with a problem.
  • Describe a time when you encountered an especially difficult project. What did you do and what was the result?
  • What do you consider to be your greatest personal or school related accomplishment and what steps did you take to achieve it?
  • Describe your most successful effort in promoting teamwork within a group and how they responded.
  • What would someone you've worked for describe as your strengths? What about areas that need improvement?
  • Describe a situation when your work or one of your ideas was criticized. How did you respond?
  • Describe a situation in which you've shown a great deal of initiative.
  • Describe a goal that you have set for yourself in the last year.

Were your answers concise and clear? What other questions can you think of to help you? The most important aspect of this exercise is to give real thought to yourself and your abilities, while helping you learn to be comfortable during the interview.